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How to order

How to order

Orders are received via email. Please order in the following way.


Choose the product you want.


Fill out the order form (see the form below)


Send the order e-mail with the completed form.

(Order email: )


After receiving the order approval email from Fantasia, make the deposit following the instruction method.


Receive the product after the production period.

Order Form

[E-mail Title] : Name of person ordering

[E-mail Content]

1. Order summary: Product name/skin color:

2. Name of person ordering:

3. Contact Info. :

4. Shipping Address (including post code) :

5. E-mail address for manufacturing process guide:

6. Other requests:

Please make a copy of the above and compose the order e-mail.

( Order email: )


Purchase related, order product production process, etc.

For all other inquiries, please contact us at the contact information below and we will respond as soon as possible.

Contact Me

010-8917-9461 (korea only)

kakaoTalk id : ui1201

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