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1. Skin

There are two skin colors [Normal, White] available for order.

​All are manufactured to be compatible with Volks' Normal White.

2. Layaway Plan Annoucement

It is possible to apply for a Layaway Plan option when you order our products.

[Layaway Plan Instructions]

Step 1.

Order the products.

Step 2.

When you order the product, attach layaway plan application form in customer request section.

(you can copy layaway plan form from above and and paste it on customer request section)

Step 3.

Deposit the down pay ment. Deposit is 30% of total amount.

(Fantasia Paypal -->


Step 4.

Your order is complete after deposit of down payment.

[Layaway Plan Form]

I want to apply layaway plan payment and agreeagree to all Terms & Conditions.  --> (yes)

Deposit date and amount of down payment. (minimum 30% of total order amont )

[Terms & Conditions]

1. The order deposit will be minimum 30% of total amount

2. Final payment for remaining 70% must be paid in full by the end of production lead time

 (shown independently for each item)

3. It is possible to pay remaining 70% in installments, but this is limited to maximum 4 separate deposits.

4. Whenever you make an installment payment or a payment for the full amount, please leave a message on our Q&A section

5. The deposit for layaway plan is not eligible for refund if the order is cancelled

Please feel free to ask if you have questions about Layaway Plan in e-mail, we will respond to you as soon as possible


QnA e-mail :

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