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About Fantasia and ui studio

 about ui studio

The ui studio founded in 2012 is a workshop that manufactures ball-jointed dolls and figures.

Its main activities include manufacturing spheres of ball-jointed dolls and doll manufacturing method training.

For about 7 years from 2012 until now, it has produced and provided the spheres of ball-jointed dolls for many companies and it also provides training for the makers by operating a ball-jointed doll expert manufacturer class and hobby class.

The ui studio produces higher quality ball-jointed dolls by using both the traditional manufacturing method of handcrafting clay mixed with oil and the new manufacturing technique using 3D printers.

 about Fantasia

Fantasia is a ball-jointed doll brand that was newly launched in March 2016 by ui studio.

It handles various concepts of ball-jointed dolls.

It has the [FANTASIA] line which pursues extreme realism through realistic depictions and various expressions and the [SERENDIPITY] line with a fairy-like mysterious image.

In addition, high-quality handmade urethane eyes are manufactured and supplied.


Purchase related, order product production process, etc.

For all other inquiries, please contact us at the contact information below and we will respond as soon as possible.

Contact Me

010-8917-9461 (korea only)

kakaoTalk id : ui1201

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