FANTASIA    Fly  me  to  the  moon    Senior  Girl

B A R B A R A  S l e e p y

Basic product information

◆Product name : Fantasia Fly me to the moon series [BARBARA Sleepy]


◆product composition : [BARBARA Sleepy]

+ certificate of authenticity + storage box

* When ordering the body [Select between Venus body and Luna body]


◆Product size : height (including head) : 63cm ~ 58cm


◆Product price: : Venus Body Choice - 432$(US dollar)

                     Luna Body Choice - 405$(US dollar)

◆Discount price : Venus Body Choice - 302$(US dollar)

                     Luna Body Choice - 284$(US dollar)

Once a week, the price fluctuates according to the exchange rate.The base price is the price in won.

◆Order period and production period information

Order period: Available from August 19, 2020.

Production period: about 40~ 80 days after payment is completed



This is the 2017 version of the head revision

The overall size has been slightly increased, and the throat has been modified to be compatible with regular SD13 Girl & SD16 Girl bodies.


This product is made by resin casting. There may be characteristics of the manufacturing process.

-Gate removal traces, putting lines, minor air bubbles, etc.

If the time of order is different, the skin color may be slightly different.

Refunds due to processing problems are not possible.

◆Orders are received through e-mail.

(Order email:

Please refer to 'How to order' when placing an order.


◆Venus Detailed size

Tall(Including head) : 63 cm

Circumference of neck : 8.9 cm

Width of shoulders : 11.7 cm

Circumference of chest : 24.8 cm

Circumference of waist : 16.5 cm

Circumference of hips : 27 cm

Circumference of  thigh : 15 cm

Length of arm(Including hand) : 23.3 cm

Length of leg(Including foot) : 35.8 cm

Length of foot : 6.2 cm

◆Luna Detailed size

Tall(Including head) : 58 cm

Circumference of neck : 8.9 cm

Width of shoulders : 11 cm

Circumference of chest : 23 cm

Circumference of waist : 15.8 cm

Circumference of hips : 26 cm

Circumference of  thigh : 14 cm

Length of arm(Including hand) : 22.5 cm

Length of leg(Including foot) : 34 cm

Length of foot : 6.2 cm

Customer center

tel : 010-8917-9461

open  : am 10 ~ Closed : pm 5 (korea time)

Saturday, Sunday and holiday Closed

mail :

Kakaotalk id : ui1201

Payment Information​


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